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Having danced with several organizations within NYC and beyond, I must say Bollywood Axion Dance Studio is probably one of the most organized, well run, and open dance groups that I've been a part of......All of the instructors who teach for BAX are super patient in transforming self proclaimed "two-left feet" individuals into dancers.  


- Anita A. (Via Yelp)

Pooja, is a very talented dancer and choreographer and amazing individual. Her level of patience with her students is uncanny. You may be a great dancer already or have two left feet, Pooja makes sure that each of her student get equal attention when it comes to choreography and training.    


- Anusha R.  (Via Yelp)

I went from a girl who didn't know such a style existed to someone who gets compliments on my moves at Indian weddings.

- Ana S. (Via Yelp)

The instructor, Pooja Narang, is funny, helpful, clear and a great dancer.  She is able to analyze the ability of thestudents in a class and subsequently tailor the pace of the class appropriately.    


- Sara Y. (via Yelp)

fantastic dance teacher and she has the best choreographies , beautiful fun interesting moves that aren't repetitive

- Food F. ( Via Yelp)

My wife and I had an amazing time learning how to dance "together" and everyone at the wedding was full of praises of our performance.

- Ankan Jain (Via Yelp)

I have been going to Bollywood Axion ( BAX) for last 4 years. I always look forward to Tuesday and the dance classes give me energy to go rest of the week. Whether you are a beginner or advance , you will surely enjoy the classes. I was new to NYC and found great friends thru BAX. 

- Janani r. (Via Yelp)

It's such a fun class together with a diverse group of people
 - Justin J. (via Facebook)

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